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Paris, "Sonic Jihad"
Finally, he is back. Paris, aka P-Dog. Both the production and the lyrics are a couple steps closer to "Sleeping Withe The Enemy" than he have been since. It's harder beats and tougher lyrics. Not that there is a new "Bush Killa", but it's close enough with "Ave Bushani" and "What Would You Do?".
The way it feel right now, when I have listened to the record thirty och forty times, it might just be this record that take over as my favorite record from "Sleeping With The Enemy". Quite simply a masterpiece by "the Black Panther of Hip Hop."
Guests included on the album are Dead Prez, Kam and Public Enemy (to whom he right now is producing a new album).
2003 Guerrilla Funk Recordings. 10+ out of 10. Ben Kravitz.


Paris, "Sleeping With The Enemy"
My favorite album (atleast until Sonic Jihad was released). The aggressive, militant, social conscious and dedicated lyrics can I definietly relate to. The album was released on Paris own label, Scarface Records, after Tommy Boy Records refused to release it because of the song "Bush Killa" (my favorite) that deal with a fictional murder of United States former President George Bush (father of the present President George W. Bush).
Calmer songs like "Days Of Old" and "Assata's Song" (Assata Shakur, political refuge on Cuba from the US, former Black Panther Party member) give balance to the aggressive and militant songs.
I could not live without the music on this record that have inspired incredibly much.
1993 Scarface Records. 10+ out of 10. Ben Kravtiz.

Dr Dre, "The Chronic" 1992

Dr Dre, "The Chronic"
The album of which the G-Funk was borned. Dr Dre's first album after leaving N.W.A. is absolutely magnificent. And the talents he bring forward, Snoop Doggy Dogg (now Snoop Dogg), Warren G, Rage, RBX, Kurupt and Daz. Besides them, Bushwick Bill from the Geto Boys makes a guest appearance. Before songs like "Nuthin' But A G Thang", "Let Me Ride" or "Lil' Ghetto Boy", the world had never heard songs like that. These laidback, but musical masterpieces are still to this day unsurpassed. No one other than Dr Dre master this kind of production, that he probably is the best producer in Hip Hop is nothing i object to. "The Chronic" i an album to enjoy.
1992 Death Row Records. 10 out of 10. Ben Kravitz