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Ben Kravitz

(Uncle B)

I recorded my first song sometime during 1992 or 1993 (I don't remember exactly when) under the name Razor B. The song was namned “Drive by” and was included on T.R.R.’s first album “Parents Against Rap”, 1993, Full Scale Records.


My own first album, ”West Side” was released 1995 at No Short Records (still under the name Razor B). A mixture of gangsterism, funk parties, social consciousness and criticism. Flub is behind the production and I have nothing but positive things to say about his work.

1. Take Care Of Business (intro., featuring Gat C)
2. The Gee (the gangsterism at it’s peak, DJ
Quik influenced beat)

3. The Wayz Of Playaz (summer, sun, easy dressed people, water gun fights and a whole lot of party)

4. Gangsta Rapper (featuring Flub, amazing beat, sampled, criticism against gangsta rap critics, although slightly misdirected)

5. Tracy (the pour girl didn’t have it easy)

6. Funky Muffin (featuring Loco J, a different but funky beat, and totally crazy lyrics, my own favourite on this album)

7. I Count Nuthin But Money (featuring Gat C, like the title reflect, the song is about money)

8. Lady Stand Up (inspired by 2Pacs “Keep Ya Head Up”, a punch vs. assault against women)

9. So Damn Fine (featuring Flub, a beautiful young woman, a little flirt and a mysterious and different beat)

10. Razors Hit (instrumental, thanks to Johan C. for the wonderful Wav Wav Guitar)

11. Razor Strikes (the intro. to the song is the same as “Take Care Of Business”, American seventies PI TV-show sound)

12. I'm Out (reggae, dancehall outro)



This year me and Flub recorded a song called ”007” together, about, then new, Bond movieGoldeneye”. Was included on Flub’s debut album “Alcohol 4 The People”, 1996 Wicked Pro-Duction.

. . .

“No Peace. Some Love And A Whole Lot Of Bullets”, 1996 B Do Hood Records. This is my second album (the first one under the name Uncle B). Like the title say, there is a lot of shots fired, no peace between non racists/nazis and racists/nazis, but still I’m able to bring in some love for the world.

1. Who’s The Nigger? (a nazi gets what he deserves in this interlude)

2. Nigger, Nigger, Nigger (a kick in the ass to the racist police, heavily Black Panther Party influenced)

3. Be A Man And Say What You Feel (Pay-day Mother Fucker) (yet another nazi getting into trouble)

4. Up Against The Wall Mother Fuckers (the title comes from a civil rights organisation in the US, that after numerous encounters with the police got used to hearing...)

5. White Power = No Power (that’s right! black Power, red Power, yellow Power, brown Power, grey Power, human Power = ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!)

6. My Solution (maybe not a solution, more of a method)

7. Who The Fuck Are You Gonna Make Your Monkey, When You’re Dead (another nazi get dealt with)

8. Racism Ain’t Shit (damn right!)

9. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! (Malcolm X, the strongly missed powerful leader who was murdered in 1965)

10. How Can I... (maybe, according to my opinion, my best song)

11. Players Love (Who’s Loving Who?) (it is always there in the background, the love for...)

12. Where’s The People With The Most (yes, Flub actually featured on this album to, one of our best songs together)

13. Livin Lavishley (what about this spelling? Chriss and Loc joined me here, pretty laidback, but still a crazy song)


What a album cover! I am actually impressed by myself! Anyway, a great musicyear, “From Grapes To Wine (White Sauternes, Red Bordeaux)”, 1997 B Do Hood Records. The third album, better than the two earlier. Flub dominate, incredible production, even Chriss contributed to a couple of the songs.

1. Welcome (To…) (the B Do Hood tour)

2. The Chef, The Waiter, The Bartender (and The Drunk) (Chriss is making his first contribution on this album, “The Good, The Bad, The ugly”!?)

3. New York, New York (For Loc) (Locs early going away present, before he left for..., featuring Chriss and Flub (who makes a great version of Frank Sinatra))

4. Alcohol (Drunkenness) (wow, how many positive reactions this song has received, but of course, one get happy with alcohol)

5. Mr. San Miguel and Mr. Heineken (and Mr. Toy) (the beer lovers! Me and Chriss, and a toy!?)

6. Bacardi (For Drunkenness) (even more liquor! Alcoholic?)

7. Run To Save Yourself (Just A Friendly Advise) (me and Loc chase racists and nazis)

8. Pig Killer (Action In The Slaughter-House) (“P-Dog the Bush Killa”, yes, the beat is not far from Paris fantastic song)

9. Gotta Make It A Better World (I Gotta...) (Chriss is making his fourth appearance on this album, social conscious song)

10. I Bust Pigs (No Bust Back) (racists and nazis, “I don’t like the bitches/just like the mob don’t like snitches”, a aggressive, militant and slightly violent song)

. . .

Flub and I found B.A.B.E. (our initials) and release “The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack BILL”, 1997 Recording 6 Games.

Read more under B.A.B.E.



And it was time for “The Best Performances Of Uncle B (Including Some Of My Friends)”, 2000 Underground Records. After three years of silence was it time to air the best of the old songs, before new ones come.

1. Intro (new)
2. Funky Muffin (featuring Loc (Loco J) )
3. Players Love (Who's Loving Who?)
4. How Can I...
5. Run To Save Yourself (featuring Loc)
6. I Bust Pigs (No Bust Back)
7. Pig Killer (Action In The Slaughter-House)
8. Alcohol (Drunkenness)
9. New York, New York (For Loc) (featuring Flub & Chriss)
(For Drunkenness)
11. Gotta Make It A Better World (I Gotta...) (featuring Chriss)
12. I'm Sorry
13. Why Uncle B?


New material have been recorded, but I have not yet any information about a upcoming release.

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